Same Systematic Clarity, More Choices.

Blueprint Funds is making it easier than ever to access emotionally intelligent investment strategies.

Clients deserve an investment strategy they can understand.

Blueprint offers strategies that are:

Emotionally Intelligent

Rather than seeking to predict the market, our approach allows us to predictably react to what is happening in the market.

Fully Transparent

Our methodology is fully transparent and we take exceptional care to ensure that the strategy is easily understood.

Cost-Effective & Tax-Efficient

Our dynamic allocation solutions are accompanied by limited trading costs and a tax-aware process.

Risk Managed

We believe catastrophic losses are avoidable and our methodology relies on risk management each step of the way.

Many Portfolios Suffer From:

Lack of Sufficient Diversification

Traditional means of diversification do not go far enough in protecting client capital particularly during rising rate environments and periods of severe asset price decline.

Missed Opportunities, Lost Compounding, and disrupted income

Being too conservative or aggressive carries significant risk both during accumulation and distribution phases.

The Cost of Emotional Decision Making

There is a growing body of evidence that shows a positive relationship between maximizing investment opportunities and employing a systematic process.

Blueprint’s Response:                   

Asset Diversification + Time Diversification

Blueprint funds begin with asset diversification and incorporate trend following rules to continually optimize asset class exposure.                                                                   

Process Driven

Our strategies are sophisticated but there’s no secret sauce. Investors in Blueprint funds know what they own and why they own it.

Transparent Practices

Our systematic approach allows us to allocate risk more deliberately, seeking to promote better long term compound returns over time.

Blueprint Funds was founded on the premise that investors should not have to choose between long-term growth and prudent risk management. 

Our Approach


To most, systematic investing implies complicated, expensive, and black box.


Our mission is to provide strategies that
are sophisticated, yet understandable.

The basic tenants of our methodology are:

1.  Price is real.

The closing price of an asset represents the transformation of “could” into “did.” We have taken it upon ourselves to unlock the latent value that lies dormant within this pool of information.

2.  Capital preservation is the key to long-term growth.

We systematically reduce exposure when prices fall and increase exposure when prices rise. Our goal is to perpetually work from a higher base position to improve compounding of returns.

3.  Investors make emotional decisions.

Combining a transparent investment process with a thoughtful financial plan, our strategy helps investors avoid emotional decisions so they can stay with their plan.

4.  Elite advisors focus on their clients.

Today’s advisor must be focused on helping his or her clients lead more productive financial lives and we are their partner.